You can have an ideal internship.

Are you a counselor or therapist-in-training looking for help with practicum, internship, or life after graduation?

Are you feeling confused, frustrated, or frightened about the steps involved in licensing, site matching, and internship in general?

I hear you.

I know how confusing this part of our training can be. I struggled with all those feelings and experiences when I began my licensed professional counselor internship in Austin four years ago.

There’s good news, though.

Help is here!  I am piecing together solutions for you right now. 

I’ve been helping mental health professionals match with sites and supervisors in Austin for some time now.  I host workshops, give talks at local universities, and offer private consultations for students and graduates who are ready to kick their careers into high gear.

Let me help you get a post-graduate game plan that you can feel excited about.  I bet I have something in my bag of tricks that will help.

Or simply take a moment to contact me and we can tackle it together.