You can have an ideal internship.

Are you a counselor or therapist-in-training looking for help with practicum, internship, or life after graduation?

Are you feeling confused, frustrated, or frightened about the steps involved in licensing, site matching, and internship in general?

Is everyone around you saying it’s impossible to succeed in private practice, and that you should work at an agency after internship?

I hear you.

I know how confusing and challenging this part of our training can be.

I struggled with all those feelings and experiences when I began my licensed professional counselor internship in Austin five years ago.  (You can learn more about my internship story here.)

There’s good news.

Help is here!  You can browse the blog for free tips on internship and practice-building.  Or listen to a couple of podcasts, if you like.

I am an LPC  and supervisor in private practice in Austin, Texas.  I supervise students and interns who want to be in private practice someday.  I specialize in coaching therapists who want to build cash pay practices.

I host workshops, give talks at local universities, and offer private consultations for students, interns, and counselors who are ready to kick their careers into high gear.

I’ve been helping mental health professionals match with sites and supervisors in central Texas for the last three years. I’d like to help you, too.

Let me help you get a post-graduate game plan that you can feel excited about.  You can tackle it yourself if you’re the DIY type.  Or simply take a moment to contact me to schedule a consultation, and we can tackle it together.