About Ann

Square Ann photoI’m a therapist and LPC supervisor in south Austin.  I’ve been in private practice since 2011 and love it.

In my practice, I work with people pleasers quite a lot.

My clients often need help improving their self esteem & setting limits with others.

It’s wonderful work and my clients are amazing.

I feel lucky to do the work I do.

And as you’ve probably guessed if you’ve spent any time at all on this site, I love helping new counselors.





It’s all an important part of getting you where you want to be!

I’ve been giving people a leg up on clinical internship and practice-building since 2011.

If you want some help planning your next move, consider attending a workshop or booking a consultation.

Do you live outside of Texas but are looking to relocate here?  No worries– I can work with you even if you live out of town or out of state.

You can learn more about my private practice here, or how I got this whole internship matching thing started here.