The Fill Your Practice Without a Fight consultations

Building a practice is a long journey.  And sometimes, along the way, you get stuck.

You don’t know what to do next.  Or you have too many things to do all at once and can’t prioritize.  You might have heard a specific marketing strategy works wonders for other therapists, and you despair of ever being able to do it like they do!

Well, good news.  You don’t have to do it their way.  You need to do it your way.  That’s what having a practice of integrity is all about.  If you’re fighting to fill your practice, something’s wrong.  True, practice building takes effort.  Lots of effort.  And lots of time, money, and energy, too.  But if you’re fighting, I mean really, really, struggling, to make your practice go, we should look at a few things.  Don’t wait a few more months to get to the bottom of it all.  Schedule a consultation and let’s tackle it together now.

Or, if you’re a do-it-yourself-er, or you’d like a more affordable option, try the Fill Your Practice Without a Fight kit.  It’s bound to help you get some clarity and some ideas on how to move forward.  Don’t stay stuck!

PS:  I specialize in helping therapists build cash pay practices.  If you want help getting on insurance panels and learning the ins and outs of EAPS, contact me for referrals.  I know who can help you with that!

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The Building Your Ideal Internship consultations

Who knew 3,000 hours could take forever?  Whether you’ve already got an internship site and are exploring alternatives, or ready to get started and unsure where to look, these consultations are for you.  Working together, we will focus our attention on your fears, stuck spots, and questions about the internship process.  I can help you with licensing, finding a site, a supervisor, or planning for private practice someday.  Consultations are cool because they are built around your particular priorities and offer customized support, recommendations, and coaching where you need it.  These are available as a one-shot, or as a series for people wanting more in-depth, tailored assistance.

People say these consultations offer more than resources and options—they are a big confidence booster, too.  I make a great cheerleader.

I am happy to consult with folks from out of state who are moving to Austin or somewhere else in Texas and are looking for help with their internship & licensing process.  I moved from out of state myself (from a PhD program in Clinical Psychology–only partly completed!) — so I know all about how that goes.  I’d be glad to help.

I can offer consultations via phone or Skype, depending on your preference.

What would you like?