Private practice

The Fill Your Practice Without a Fight home study kit

plannerHave you heard it’s impossible to make it in private practice?

Are you wondering whether to accept insurance or have a fee-for-service model of business?

Do you want to know what you need to have in place before hanging out your shingle?

Worried you won’t get enough clients?

I made this kit for you.

Why you should buy this kit

This kit is a home study program that’s designed to help you build a practice you can be proud of.

Not your boss’s practice.

Or your colleague’s practice.

Or your great Aunt Martha’s practice.  (No, not even hers.)

Your practice.

Because building your practice is the only way this thing will be sustainable!

It has to be based on your values,

your priorities,

your strengths,

and yes, your weaknesses, too.

There are lots of products and services out there designed to help you determine who your ideal client is, to draft a business plan, to find your niche.  I’ve bought many of them.  They’re very useful.

But the Fill Your Practice Without a Fight kit isn’t about those things.

Update:  Ok, I lied, I actually threw in a small section for identifying your ideal client & writing a relatively painless business plan.  But this kit covers a lot more than that.

What the Fill Your Practice Without a Fight kit is for

This kit is meant to, well, to help you fill your practice without a fight.  But what does that mean, really?

1.) It’s about figuring out what you want & why.

2,) It’s about how to make your practice go, based on those values and priorities.

3.) It’s about encountering your resistance to certain marketing activities & determining whether or not to ditch ’em or try ’em (with support).

4.) It’s about taking practical steps to establish the safety you need so you can grow a practice with integrity.

Also, there is a fair amount of cheerleading and encouragement along the way.

(Practice-building can be scary!)

There isn’t anything else out there right now, other than a consultation with a qualified professional (see what I did there?), that’s going to help you sort that out.

So if you want to do some sorting, but on your own time, and at a price you can afford– this kit is for you.

What’s in the kit


I won’t lie, it took a while to put this thing together.  I promised myself it would be 40 pages.

And then I went off and started writing a section about the underbelly of my practice.

(Yes, there is a section called “The Underbelly.”)

You know, a true, honest accounting of my expenses and earnings in my first year of business.

Yeah, I know that’s really personal info.

But I think those are the kinds of honest figures people need to see when they’re planning to hang out their shingle. 

It’s just no one wants to show them because it’s hard and vulnerable and sort of scary.

So, the Underbelly section took some time to write, since I had to do some digging into my old accounting records.


In the end, the kit topped out at 66 pages and 25 chapters, including:

+ a non-icky marketing plan

+ a field guide to practice-eating monsters & the bog

+ a 10 minute business plan

+ the underbelly (facts & figures from my first year in business)

+ a full length description of one of my biggest, never-before-revealed mistakes in my first year of business

(You know, so you don’t feel so bad when you make mistakes of your own.  And so you can avoid mine.)

The best part?  Everything’s in 2-3 page chunks, so it’s doable and not intimidating, and you can go at your own pace.

Ready to order?  Here we go!

Get your copy– it’s easy.  And it’s only $19.

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Here’s the thing.

If you’re really earnest about building your practice and you need some ideas, I want you to have this ebook.  That’s why it’s priced so low.

So grab a copy and let’s get started!