(I swear I didn’t make this stuff up)

“This workshop exceeded my expectations! It was very helpful and has allowed me to recognize what I have already done and has eased my anxiety about what I have left to do! It gave me a plan which is very helpful… I really enjoyed the whole thing. It was very well organized and the way you presented the material was extremely helpful.”

“Part of what makes your workshop so helpful is your positive attitude. So much of what we as students hear on an almost daily basis is that the field is flooded, the competition is fierce, it’s difficult to find a practicum site let alone an internship, making it in private practice is tough, and on and on. After today I have hope that I can do this – that it will take time and effort on my part but I would not have expected otherwise. I really appreciate that instead of coming from fear or worry about competition you seem more interested in inspiring us and seem to be coming from a place of love. So, thank you. It feels good to be finding people like you and creating a community for myself of people whose motivation comes from someplace else besides fear.”

“I truly cannot think of anything [to improve the workshop]. It was a very organized, informative workshop that attended to issues at all levels of the process…This was so helpful! I will definitely recommend your workshops and hope to attend more in the future. Thank you!”

You’ve helped me make some decisions about my future– thank you.”

“Thank you so much, Ann. I really enjoyed the workshop. I would recommend you to my friends both for the workshop and for therapy. You have a genuine, warm spirit that shines through.”